Joye 510-T E-Cig Atomizers

Joye 510-T E-Cig Atomizers
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  • Manufacturer: Joye Technology

These are the newest genuine Joye 510-T regular atomizer, the newest product from Joye tech. It combines the perfection of Joyetech eGo-T and the most popular mini e-cigarette Joye 510 in the market!  The biggest advantage of 510-T regular atomizer is its tank that holds 0.8ml e-liquid in to its tank cartridge with NO POLLY FILLER. There is no leakage to carry a pre-filled Joye 510 tank cartridge. The Joye 510-T makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers. With no reason to worry about any kind of leaking what so ever. Do Not Use Any Joyetech Low Resistance Atomizers On a battery less than 600mah,

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