Joyetech eGo-T Electronic Cigarette PCC

Joyetech eGo-T ECigarette PCC
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  • Manufacturer: Joyetech Electronic cigarette


Joye tech eGo-T 2 ECigarette PCC will charge 2 - 900mAh Joyetech eGo-T and eGo electronic cigarette batteries or 3 650mAh Joyetech Ecigarette eGo-T and eGo batteries. This is the new ultimate logo Joyetech ecig PCC. This PCC comes with the ability to charge your joyetech Ecigarette batteries, carry E-liquid & cartridges on the go.

Joyetech eGo-T 2 PCC Starter Kit Includes:
1 Joyetech eGo-T PCC With 2000mah Internal Battery
1 Joyetech eGo-T 2 Upgrade 650mah Manual Battery
1 Joyetech eGo-T Cone Shaped Atomizer
1 Joyetech eGo-T 5 Pack Of  Cartridges
1 Empty 10ml Bottle specially made for the eGo-T PCC
1 Joyetech USB Extension Cord
1 Joyetech USA Users Manual

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